Drinking water in Germany

Almost every house in Germany has a separate drinking water connection. The drinking water is the same water which we use for other purposes. That means it is the same water which we use for drinking, bathing and all other purposes. Most people in Germany use water from the tap for drinking purpose.

If you would like to drink water from the tap but you don’t feel safe, you can use the water filter. Click the below image link to read the article regarding the water filter in Germany.

Cost for water

We should pay money for the water. That means for all the water consumptions like drinking, bathing, cooking, dishwashing, flushing toilet, etc. Water is actually too costly in Germany. The water price varies for each city. You can find the details on your city official website.

If you are not aware of the usage, then it may lead to more water usage and in terms, it will lead you to pay thousands of euros per year.


This water will be purified and it will be hygienic. So, no need to worry about the quality of this water. The taste of the waters differs in every city.

Water in the Supermarket

It is common in Germany that you may see people who are coming from the supermarket carrying number of water bottles. Especially you can see this scenario during the weekends. There are some people who drink only mineral water from the supermarket.

Types of drinking waters in supermarket

There are different types of drinking waters available in Germany supermarkets. If you are new to Germany or started using the water bottles newly, then it is very important to know the difference between each type before buying water.

You can find the below types of waters in all the supermarkets in Germany.

  • Classic
  • Medium
  • Still

Classic water

Classic water is also known as sparkling water, carbonated water, soda water, water with gas. It is carbonated mineral water and it will be too strong. Therefore, it is suitable for people who like the high level of soda in drinks.

Medium water

Medium water is also sparkling water which contains less gas. It is less carbonated mineral water which is suitable for people who like less level of soda in drinks.

Still water

The still water is normal water without any gas without soda. It is like natural mineral water. The difference between sparkling water and still water is the addition of carbon dioxide gas.


Water bottles are available in different litres like 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litres, 2 litres. The cost of water depends on the brand. For example, almost all the big supermarkets in Germany have their own product. That water costs normally 19 cents for 1.5 litres. The branded water bottles are costlier which are also available in the supermarket.

Deposit (Pfand)

While you are buying a water bottle, you should pay the deposit. I will write a detailed post regarding this in future.

Storage and consumption

You can read the instruction on the water bottles. The common instructions are,

  • Do not store under direct sunlight.
  • Consume the water within 2 to 3 days after opening.

My suggestion

Everyone has a different taste. So if you like to buy water from the supermarket for daily consumption, it is better to buy a single bottle and taste it. If you like the taste, then you can buy it in a bulk.

Do not throw the water bottle in the trash. Keep it safe and give it back to get the money which you have deposited.


If you buy water bottles frequently, it is wise to buy during the offer and also make avail the other offers. You can save more money on that. I will explain this in detail in my other post. If you would like to get immediate notifications, feel free to subscribe to my blog by clicking below.

Water in public places

  • It is not possible to get water for free in shops and restaurants.
  • Water is also not free in most universities and also companies.
  • Buying water in restaurants or bakery will be normally approximately 3 to 5 times costlier than buying water in the supermarket.
  • If you buy water it the restaurant, it is always better to tell which type of water you need. If you don’t tell anything or the waiter didn’t ask about it, there are more possibilities to get the sparkling water (classic).
  • You can also find waster wells (wasserbrunnen) in the city. You can drink that waster if it’s mentioned as s drinking water (trinkwasser). No need to pay for that.

Automatic machine

There will be also beverages automatic machine in train stations (not all the stations) where you can buy water or other drinks. In some machines, credit or debit card won’t be accepted in these kinds of machines. So it is necessary to keep the coins. Water from the automatic machines will be too costly.


In general, it is always better to carry water with you to save money. There are also some exceptions in very some shops during the summer. That means you can get water for free.

I hope that this post helps you to get some information. Check my other posts which might be helpful for you and also feel free to share with others too.