Cover letter is very important for the job application. You can get the most valuable tips here to create a cover letter.


  1. Cover letter should be only one page.
  2. Mention only the important points which are relevant to the job which you are applying.
  3. Write the correct contact person name.
  4. Write the correct company name.
  5. Adress the letter to a person. If it is not mentioned in the job opening, you can mention as “Dear recruiting team”.
  6. Mention your experience in points. Have a look at the cover letter model in this website.
  7. Name the document in a logic.
    eg.: last name_first name_document type or first name_last name_document type
  8. Proof read your cover letter.


  1. Don’t repeat the same content which you have mentioned in your resume.
  2. Don’t give the information which are not relevant to the job.
  3. Don’t make any spelling mistakes.
  4. Don’t adress your application to the wrong gender.
    For example, mentioning Mr. in case of Mrs. or Mrs. incase of Mr. If you have doubt, search in google. Normally all the recruiters has LinkedIn or Xing account, where your could clear your doubt.
  5. Don’t mention the worng person name or company name.
  6. Don’t share unwanted personal information.
  7. Don’t include a long paragraph.
  8. Don’t add too many bold letters.
  9. Don’t include false information.
  10. Do not name the document with numbers or with company name.
    eg.: Cover letter 1 or Cover letter ZF.
  11. Don’t mention that you don’t have a specific qualification which is/are necessary for that job.
  12. Overwhelming interest towards that job.
  13. Do not add any text in header and footer.

Your cover letter shows how much interest you show for the particular job. So take enough time to prepare a cover letter.

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