It is very common that the foreigners have to translate some of the documents in the German language. For example,

  • Driving license
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • All other documents

Document translation in Germany

There are many choices for us to do a translation in Germany. But most of the options are too costly or we don’t know the cheap options. Sometimes we may need the document urgently so that we have to opt for the fast service, sometimes it will be too costly.

If you want to translate your documents and get it in a day or 2 days then this post will be useful for you.

Price difference

I have done one translation in a reputed translation office and I have translated the same document with another person. There was a lot of differences in price. I have paid approximately 3 times more for the translation from that reputed institution.

I have approached the person mentioned below for the Indian driving license translation. Here are the costs.

  • Driving license translation – 15 euros
  • Certification or attestation (Beglaubigung) – 5 euros
  • Postal cost – 1.45 euros

I have paid totally 21.45 euros for the driving translation.

Contact details – North Germany

The below-mentioned person is in Hamburg which is in the North of Germany. She provides the translation service for entire Germany.

Ms. Christine Havemann

Website: CM Translations


  • Contact Ms. Christine Havemann through telephone or email. She speaks very well in English and also very friendly.
  • Scan and send the document to be translated per email.
  • She will do the translation and send it to you per email for the proof read.
  • If you are satisfied with the translation, she will send the document per post or you can pick up directly.
  • You will also receive the translation cost and postal cost (if applicable) with the bank details per email to which you have to transfer the amount.
  • You will receive your post in 1 or 3 days.

Note: The above process happened to me and my friend. The price which I have paid was in April 2019. Kindly contact her for the latest process and price details.

I have also received another contact details from my friend who is in the South of Germany and also provides the translation services for similar cost.

Contact details – South Germany

Ms. Margret Klemt


Since I and my friends have already used the above services, these are the verified contacts. Apart from this, there may be also many other translators near to your area who provides cheaper translation service.

If you would like to share some other translator’s contact details from your region, feel free to share their information with me using the contact form or mention the details in the comment box below. This will help others.

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