In order to travel from India to Germany, it is mandatory to have one of the below documents.

  • Covid negative test report
  • Covid vaccine report
  • Covid recovery report

In this post, I will not explain the covid vaccine or covid recovery details, but the information regarding the covid negative test report and also the requirements of the test report.

Covid test report check

Not all the covid negative reports are accepted at the airport. The test report should contain the QR code. I have received a call from Air India to submit the test report with a QR code. They have checked the test report at several places.

  • Entrance of the airport terminal
  • Before and during check-in
  • At the gate before entering the flight.

I have also seen directly that Air India personnel have asked the passengers to submit a test report with a QR code. As you can see in the below sample report, they check everything.

Covid test report requirements

The following details should be in your test report to have a smooth check-in process in India.

  • Full name
  • Passport number
  • Date of Birth
  • QR code

Full name

Your name in the covid test report should be exactly the same as in your passport.

Passport number

It is not very important to have the passport number on the test result. But it is highly suggested to have to passport number on the test report. Few airlines may specifically ask for this detail.

Date of Birth

If it is not possible to have the Date of Birth on the report, it is enough to have the age. I have received a summary report in which there was a Date of Birth.

QR code

QR code is very important. Without a QR code, it is very difficult to board the aircraft. Personnel at the airport scan the QR code to let you enter the check-in counter. Click here for official information.

Sample report

Covid test facilities at the airport

There are also facilities to do the covid test at most of the international airports. It is better to check the details regarding the price, test result time, etc. on the official website.

Personal experience

I have taken the covid test at the Aarthi scans. The test report from the Aarthi scan is acceptable at the airport.

From my experience, I would suggest you take a covid test out of the airport to make sure that you get the result without any delay.

Official information

You can read the official information regarding the test, quarantine, etc from the below website.

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