Even though jobs are available throughout the year, there are a few months where you get very fewer interview calls. Based on my experience, I have divided this into two.

  • Before summer vacation
  • After summer vacation

Major Holidays

Here are the major school holidays in Germany.

  • Easter holidays
  • Whitsun (Pentecost) holidays
  • Summer holidays
  • Autumn holidays
  • Christmas holidays

The dates may differ based on the state. You can find about the school holidays in Germany in Schulferien.org – Ferien, Feiertage, Kalender.

Best time to apply for a job?

Based on my experience, the following months would be the correct time to apply for a job in Germany.

  • From mid of January till the starting of July
  • From mid of September till the end of November.

Why should we consider the holidays?

The schools will be closed during those days and it is very normal that the employees in Germany plan their vacation (especially summer holidays for at least 3 weeks). That means the team in the office will not work with the full capacity.

Most of the managers will have too many works before the summer vacation and they won’t have much time for the recruitment process unless or otherwise the vacancy should be filled in an emergency condition.

The communication between the department and the HR may delay due to the holidays and the recruitment process gets delayed. So most of the managers prefer to recruit someone at least before 2 to 3 weeks of their vacation or after their vacation.

Train a new employee

It will be easy to schedule the training for the new employees after the vacation. That is also a reason why most of the managers don’t prefer to recruit an employee right before the vacation.

It doesn’t mean that there won’t be any job openings. It actually means job openings will be less just before the vacation.

If you are applying at the right time with a very good resume and cover letter, you can find a job easily. Have a look at the resume and cover letter tips and also the sample resume and cover letter.

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