Good kitchen utilities are very important for our day-to-day life.

If we do not have very good kitchen utilities, we may get frustrated during cooking and also cleaning the vessels. Especially when we cook our favourite food and the food was not so tasty because of the vessel, then we will also get irritated. Almost everyone who is in Germany might have faced these issues at least once.

I would like to share my experience with you, which might be also helpful for you to choose some of the good kitchen utilities.

What is necessary to know before buying the vessels?

It is very important to know about your stove before buying the vessels. If the bottom of the vessel is damaged, then you can’t use it anymore. So it is necessary to buy good kitchen utilities which is suitable for you and your house.


There are a few different types of stoves that are mostly used in Germany.

  • Electric cooktop
  • Induction cooktop
  • Glass ceramic cooktop

All the above cooktops will not be the same for everyone. It depends on each and every individual house.


  • Non-stick
  • Stainless steel


The size of the vessel is also an important factor. So before buying a vessel make sure that you know the size of your stove.


Most of the vessels are dishwasher safe. That means you can keep it in the dishwasher for washing. There will be also a particular temperature with which must wash. Temperature more than that will damage the vessels. So read the manual and the instructions carefully before buying the vessels.

Choosing a correct vessel

It is very important to read the product description before buying a cooking vessel to choose the vessel for your usage. For example, you can’t use the vessel which was designed for meat cooking (fleischtopf) for frying.



For some vessels, you should buy the lid separately. You can find it cheaper during the offer time or you can find it online too. If you buy a pot set, there are more possibilities the lids are also included.

It is necessary to know the size of your cooking vessel before buying the lid.


Cutleries will be too costly from the WMF, Silit brands. You can find good cutleries in IKEA, XXXLutz, Mömax, POCO, etc. You can also find good deals online.


There are few brands which are good to use. It also depends on the stove. So kindly think ybout your requirements before buying.


WMF is one of the famous brands in Germany. Cooking vessels will be quite costly but those are good.

Cooking pan

WMF Cooking pot

WMF Cooking pot set

WMF kitchen gadgets


Silit is also one of the famous brands. Silit and WMF are the same company with 2 different brands. I have also bought the pot set from Silit.

Silit Cooking pan

Silit Cooking pot

Silit Cooking pot set

Silit Lids

There are also multi purpose lids which we can used for all the pot or pan sizes.

Silit kitchen gadgets


Tefal is one of my favourite brands. The reason is very simple. Whatever vessels which I have bought from Tefal, it is still good. The quality is also very and easy to use and clean. In my opinion, Tefal products are quite cheaper compared to the above-mentioned brands.

Tefal Cooking pan

Tefal Cooking pot

Tefal Cooking pot set

Tefal Lid

Tefal kitchen gadgets


K-Classic is the brand which you can buy from the supermarket Kaufland. I have also bought a milk pan and cooking pot from the K-Classic. Those are very cheap and also very good. Wait for the offer and buy it. Sometimes there will be a 40 to 50 percentage offer.


I bought a pan from IKEA but unfortunately, it was not so good. It was spoiled in a year. It doesn’t mean that the products from IKEA are not good but it was not suitable for my usage.

My experience

I have tried several brands and I’m very happy with Tefal. I have bought Silit and it is unfortunately not suitable for my glass-ceramic stove. The bottom of the vessel is always burnt or sticky. It was not comfortable for cooking as well as cleaning.

I have the below pans which are good and have no issues till now.