Cold days are over and here comes the long-awaited summer with the sunshine. Summer without barbeque is not fulfilled. The barbeque is one of the best things which we can do, it will be even good to do with friends and families.

You can get some important information regarding the grill, law, etc. Apart from that, you can also get to know about the public places to grill, etc.


  • Vegetarian barbeque
  • Non-vegetarian barbeque

Vegetarian barbeque

Nowadays, there are different vegetarian barbeque products available in the supermarket. So vegetarians and also vegans also can enjoy the barbeque with a variety of items.

Non-vegetarian barbeque

The people who eat non-vegetarian have a huge range of choices. Readymade barbeque meats are available in almost all supermarkets.


One of the best kinds of barbecue is preparing the meat or vegetables in our own style with spices. There are different barbeque tips available on the internet.

Barbeque methods

Almost every one of us likes barbeque and has a different interest in that. There are also different possibilities to do barbeque. In my opinion, it is based on the taste of every individual. Here are some of the common barbeque options in Germany.

  • Charcoal grill
  • Gas grill
  • Open fire
  • Electric grill

Charcoal grill

Charcoal grilling is one of the common methods in Germany. You can see those also at many house parties. The equipment for the grill is cheap and the charcoal also not so costly. The grill equipment is available for a cheap price in the market and also online There are also costly grill equipment are available in the market. But those are not necessary if you are not grilling very often.

I personally have to grill which is similar to this and it is good for a small family and also to grill with friends. The height is also sufficient and there is no need for any table.

There are also compact charcoal grills available in the market. It is quite cheap and very compact which you can carry to anywhere as you like.

Gas grill

It is also possible to use the gas grill for the barbeque. It is quite convenient for the people who are living in the apartments. It eliminates the smoke from the charcoal which in case avoid any issues with the neighbors.

But you have to refill the gas or buy the new gas according to the usage. It is also better to check the house contract for the usage of gas. Some house owners may not like this due to explosive reasons.

There is also a compact gas grill available at the market. You can use this grill while camping. It saves time in starting the grill comparing to the charcoal grill. There is also portable gas available in the market. Below are some of the compact grill models and also the gas.

Open fire

Open fire barbeque is suitable only if there is a big garden. Open fire barbeque should be avoided on the balcony. It could be dangerous especially if there is wind.

Swivel grill

There are some other possibilities instead of open fire barbeque. A swivel grill could be the replacement for the open fire however it is also not good to use this on the balcony. It is mostly suitable for the garden or grilling in the public places where it is allowed.

There are also different types of swivel grill available on the market. You can choose the one based on your interest and requirements.

Electric grill

Electric grills are also available in the market. Those are mostly suitable for home purposes and not suitable for outdoor grilling. It could be used also in camping where there is an electric supply available.

Where can you grill?


It is allowed to grill on the balcony, terrace, or Garden in Germany. But you should do it with a proper grill without the open fire. Open fire in the balcony or terrace is not allowed.

Public place

It is also possible in Germany to grill in the allocated public places. It’s called grillplatz in German. There will be grill places available in many cities. It’s free for use and no need to pay for that. In most cases, there is no need to reserve the grill place.

What do you need to grill in a public place?

It’s different in each place. In some places, there will a grill plate or swivel grill. You just need the plates, grill items, charcoal, wood, fuel, lighter, etc. Is some plates you should bring the grill plate or stand where you keep your grill items to cook.


There a different rules for each state and also the cities. So it is better to check the details about the particular region before setting up the barbeque. Forest grill, lakeside grill are mostly not allowed everywhere in Germany. Those are allowed only at the designated places.

Apart from that, if it is mentioned in your contract that barbequing is not allowed, you should follow that. Otherwise, it could lead to contract termination other legal issues.


In general, you should not disturb your neighbors with the smoke from the barbeque. We can’t predict the smoke which comes out during barbeque. It is better to use no smoke or fewer smoke materials like charcoal, wood, camphor, lighter cubes, etc.

It will not be a big issue if your neighbors are friendly. Anyway, it is better to inform your neighbor beforehand about your barbeque plan.

Restricted materials

There could also some restricted materials for barbequing in your city. So make sure that you are following the rules to avoid any issues. Do not use materials that produce more smoke.

How to find it?

In general, you can see a board if it is allowed to grill. You may also see some warning board shows that grilling is not allowed. In that case, do not violate the rules. There will be fine and also possible for the legal issues.

Where to buy the grill?

You can buy almost all the items for the grill from the supermarket. Sometimes you may find good deals for the grill also in online.


This post is to create awarness and it is not too detailed because of the different rules in every state and also the cities. Kindly check the local rules which applies to your area.

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