In order to send the certificates to Germany, it is mostly necessary to get attestation

You can get an attestation from several persons. But I recommend getting from the notary lawyer or from embassy or consulate.

Notary from lawyer

The most common way to get attestation is from the lawyer. It is sometimes a cheapest option to get your documents attested.

From Embassy / Consulate

Some universities accepts the attestation only from embassy or consulate. In those cases there are no other option. You should get the attestation from them. This is pretty expensive comparing to the above mentioned.

Other possibilities

It is also possible to get attestation from doctors, judges and other gazetted officials. Check the authenticated persons near to your place and also check the university website whether it is recommended to get attestation from anyone or from only particular group of people.

Documents to be attested

I would recommend you to get attestation in the following documents.

  • All curriculum certificates
  • All extra curricular activity certificates
  • Recommendation or reference letter (only if you are not sending the original document)
  • Passport (mostly front and back side)
  • Other certificates as per the university’s recommendation.