Travel during covid (corona) - Complete step by step information

Travel during Covid-19 (corona) – Complete step by step information

I have summarised all the important information regarding the travel during covid from Germany to India and India to Germany on this post. I hope that it helps the travellers to find all the information on a single page. What you can expect from this post? You can also find the following information from the links given on this post. Covid test facilities in Germany and India Covid test experience in Germany and India Registration information – Travel to India…

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Quarantine in shared accommodation (Wohngemeinschaft - WG)

Quarantine in shared accommodation (Wohngemeinschaft – WG)

As we know that the traveller from the risk area should undergo home quarantine. If a person is living in an individual house or apartment, it is quite easy to not to be in contact with others. It is very difficult for persons who are living in shared accommodation. I would like to share the information which I have received from my public health department. If you would like to know the detailed information regarding the below-mentioned points, click the…

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Frequently asked questions - Travel during Covid

Frequently asked questions – Travel during Covid-19

I would like to give answers for some of the frequently asked questions regarding the travel to India and also to Germany. You can find the most important information with the official links. Travel to India What are the documents should I have to fill? Air Suvidha self-declaration form Air Suvidha exemption form E-pass (if required by the destination state) Where can I find the links of Air Suvidha self-declaration and quarantine exemption form? You can find these 2 online…

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Quarantine in Germany - My experience - Allowed to use public transport to reach home? - Number of days - First day - Day of arrival or the next day? - Shopping during the quarantine - New mask rules

Quarantine in Germany – My experience

I would like to share my quarantine experience which might be helpful for the person who is coming to Germany and undergoes quarantine. If you haven’t read my travel experience from India to Germany in detail, click the below link and read it. I have also shared the experience of travelling from Germany to India. You can read it on my blog by clicking here. Public transport from the airport We have arrived at Frankfurt International Airport in the morning…

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Family reunion visa for students

Family reunion visa for Students

I heard from my friends and also I read on social media that the people are seeking information regarding the family reunion visa for the students. The number of people is seeking this information is increased drastically in 1 or 2 years. I want to share the experience of my friend who came to Germany with her family. I will explain the process in this post and I have shared my friend’s experience in another post. There are a few…

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India to Germany - My travel experience

India to Germany – My travel experience

I have booked the two way ticket from Germany to India and India to Germany through the Bobbys Travel on 07.11.2020. Travel details Date of departure: 12.01.2021 Date of arrival: 13.01.2021 Airlines: Air India Departure: Thiruvananthapuram, India Arrival: Frankfurt, Germany Transit: Delhi, India Baggage transfer: No self-transfer Corona test I have taken the corona test for free of cost at the primary health centre in my city. Read my experience from the below link. In my opinion, it is not…

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Free corona test (RT-PCR test)

India to Germany – Free corona test

Most of us know that Germany is not offering free corona test for the inbound passengers (incoming passengers). That means the travellers have to bear the test cost. I’m travelling tomorrow (12.01.2021) from Thiruvananthapuram, India to Frankfurt, Germany. I was exploring the opportunities to do test in India as well as in Frankfurt, Germany. I was aware of the test facilities at Frankfurt airport but I was worried about the long waiting time after a long journey. So I thought…

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